Woolen Blanket

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Apart from a sturdy mattress, a good night of sleep is often dictated by a comfortable blanket. From electric blankets, comforters, quilts, to duvets and mink blankets, our selection caters to winter, mild winter, heavy winter and for an AC room. Shop from leading names in the business including Bombay Dyeing, Raymond, ILAVIZ, STOREVIEW and TheIndianFab Smart Buy.

Wool Relief Blanket for Heavy Winter Single Bed Full Size for Donation and Gift Purpose.
1 - IN - 5 DONATED
A good culture start from you.

"A little warmth, from a relief blanket, A little hope, to look ahead" Let's keep our community WARM by donating blanket this winter.

We also donate 1 set blanket for every 5 that we sell. So you can be sure that your purchase is also giving back to the Old Aged Homes, Homeless Shelter's, NGO's, Yatimkhana's, Organisation's, Madrasa's etc.

Stay Winter Outside
Our woolen blanket convert your coldness in warmness after wear. In any emergency situation, Relief blankets are one of the main Warm product. Every Relief blanket give you chance to realized joy of happiness.

Heavy Winter Woolen Blanket
100% warm and cozy

Woolen Blanket Always Be Woolen
Our Donations Blankets offered by us are perfect for extreme weather conditions as best quality wool and virgin synthetic fibers. Heavy in weight, these blankets give most warm feel and lasts long. Available these blankets in different colors (as per available).

Give a smile this winter to someone who need this. On cold windy days or chilly winter nights, warm, cozy blanket is all we need to snuggle under. This blanket may just be the easiest way to warmth give by you to someone. we have a lot of options when it comes to blankets for adding color or texture or an invitation to snuggle. In any emergency situation, Relief blankets are one of the main essential item. Every Relief blanket to highlight the donor community. We are ready to realize your ideas.
Ideal Usage
Heavy Winter