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A hot and fluffy chappati with a dollop of ghee can accentuate the taste of your side dish. However, to prepare rotis or parathas, you must have a rolling pin and a rolling board at home. 

Some of you might be thinking that you don't need to use these things as you use your kitchen slab to do the same. But then, do you realise that you also increase your work in that process? How? So, after preparing the dough on the slab, there remain chances of it getting stuck on the slab. We are not saying that the entire dough ball will get stuck. Some of the parts might get stuck. So, once you are done preparing hot and tasty rotis, you might then have to focus your attention towards the dough that got stuck on the slab. As a result, you might have to dedicate extra time scrubbing off the glued dough parts from it. You might also end up ruining the slab's shine. 

So, why do you want to get through all these situations unnecessarily, when you can use items that can let you prepare food without any such hassle? You can think about it, and if you agree to what we are suggesting, then you must get yourself these necessary kitchen essentials as soon as possible. 

Know the Types

These chapati rollers and boards are also made of various different materials. If you want to buy a roti belan or a board that would also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, then you can opt for a set of wooden rolling pin and board. If you do not care about how it looks like and you want to buy one that is useful and durable, then you can opt for one that is made of aluminium. You can buy a rolling pin and a rolling board separately as well. 

You can check some of the following pin types if you want to buy one separately:

Rod Pin: This type of pin is slender in size. It is easy to hold as well. You can buy one from brands such as Lemetro Steel, Navbharat, Wood Cart, etc. 

Textured Pin: Such a pin is usually thick in size. If you feel that you will be able to get a firmer grip on the sides by using a thicker pin, then you can opt for this type. Such a pin is usually made of wood and plastic. The textured design gives it the name. You can buy one from brands such as AG Crafts, Devmilao, Evana Kitchen Cooking Tool, etc. 

Roller Pin: It is similar to a textured pin. However, you may notice a small variation in its size. It can be slightly less thick than a textured pin. You can check one from brands such as Adinath Exports, Ispata, Approach 360 etc.
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Like rolling pins, rolling boards are also available in materials such as marble, plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, etc.

You can find such a type of rolling pan and other such kitchen essentials on TheIndianFab at great prices.