Uniquely designed Pull-along toys for your baby, at ILAVIZ
Play is a natural and instinctive activity of all young, animals and humans alike, allowing them to develop the necessary skills for living and survival. A child uses play to learn and practice physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social skills. They usually need toys at this stage which they can play with by themselves. Knowing this, ILAVIZ brings to you fun and vibrant range of Pull-along toys, which each child with enjoy immensely. With a variety of models like that of animals, trains, cars and birds, these pull-along toys are bound to get your child’s imagination soaring.

Invite your child into a different world of play with Pull-along toys. Since toddlers want to achieve autonomy, then they can achieve independence in learning to stand on their own. If not walking, still they can use these toys every day to aid them to stand until they become stable. They can even do this unknowingly and they can make support in making their leg muscles stronger. Pull along toys can greatly encourage toddlers to walk because they are great for teaching balance and building a sturdy gait upon walking with these toys. Toddlers will be greatly amused with pull along toys.

Pull along toys are available in many different styles and designs. The most durable of pull toys are made from wood and safe non-toxic plastic. They are often designed along the lines of animals such as dogs and cows or even jungle animals like giraffes and crocodiles. Pull toys can also come in the guise of transport like cars, trains and planes. A pull along would normally consist of a string attached to the front of the toy which is mounted on a set of wheels. The string is held by the toddler and the pull along rolls behind the child as they walk along. By the age of two a child will start to develop many newly found skills quickly. These skills will include running, hopping, walking backwards, as well as starting to communicate coherently and talk. A pull-along toy comes into its' own, at this age. A child will start to move the pull along toy in different ways be it walking forwards, backwards or moving in a circle whilst watching the toy follow them around. As a toddler reaches pre-school, pull along toys will start to fulfil a role as a social toy where a child's friends are involved and the toys are taken for pretend walks by their owners, or races are held, as pretend play and make believe becomes more important to them.

Through ILAVIZ you can choose exactly which kind of pull-along you want, how you want the it to look and what feel would it have. Choose from an impressive rang of brands like ILAVIZ STOREVIEW Mee Mee, iBhejo, esoft, Indianstore etc.
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