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MILTON Smart Electric App Enabled Tiffin Box
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Don’t Stay Hungry - Carry Your Food in a Lunchbox


What is your fondest memory from your school days? While some would say that it was getting their first kiss, there are others who miss crushing on their favourite teacher. And, then, there are others like me who simply couldn’t get enough of this one part of the day that served as a platform for friends to unite, gossip and, most importantly, to share food. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where the feeling of nostalgia gets real. We are talking about lunch breaks. Wouldn’t you give anything to go back in time and share your school lunch box with your best buddies? Well, I would. Years have passed and we are all grown-ups now, but the significance of lunchtime still remains the same. And, that is why it is important for one to carry a lunch bag. 


But, Is It Really Necessary?

Well, nothing keeps you up and running like a good portion of well-prepared home-cooked food. You can certainly order some delicious food from a fancy restaurant online, but is it going to be as nutritious as the food that you can prepare at home? Probably, no. Why do you think our moms put in the time and effort to cook for us and ensured that our tiffins were empty when we returned from school? Some mothers even went the extra mile and packed their kids lunch boxes as well as their bags. And, they did that because nutrition is vital, my friend.


Ok, So What Does a Good-quality Lunchbox Look Like?

Although we are sure that there’s no such thing called “the perfect tiffin box”, there are a few things that one should always keep in mind before buying a container to carry your lunch. Below are the aspects that separate good lunch containers from the ones that are poorly made:


Material - There are lunchboxes that are made from, both, plastic and stainless steel. Even though both of them are pretty great for one to carry their lunch to office/school, there is one factor that gives plastic tiffin boxes the edge over stainless steel ones - most of them are microwave safe. But, if you prefer eating your food cold or don’t want to go through the hassle of heating it, then you might as well go for stainless steel lunchboxes. You won’t be disappointed. 


Capacity - How much food are you going to carry in your lunch bag? Will you be carrying food just for yourself, or will you be carrying some for your friends as well? Ask yourself these questions before you make the buying decision as different lunch bags boast different capacities. For example, a 400-ml office lunch box might be enough for you, but the same won’t make the cut if you want to take food for your buddies.


Check out the below-mentioned products as they might help you come to a decision:

a) Milton Executive Lunch Box (400 ml)

b) SmartBuy Classic Lunch Box (1300 ml)

c) Milton Flexi Lunch Box (1000 ml)

d) Vaya Tyffyn Lyte - 600 ml 

e) Treo All Fresh Borosilicate Glass Tiffin (380 ml)

f) Cello Hot Wave Microwavable Lunch Box (150 ml)


Are you sure about what you want now? Well, then go to an e-commerce website and buy a lunchbox online today.