An Ultimate Style Guide To Women’s Kurti
Kurtis are the most widely worn women traditionals in India. They are elegant and sober and need lesser maintenance than lehengas and sarees. You can wear kurtis casually in your everyday life and also for parties and events. Their versatility makes them even more popular among women.

If you need tips on how to style your kurtis for events or for regular use, we have it all sorted for you. Here are the answers to few of the most regularly asked questions for styling kurtis.

What is the difference between kurta and kurti?
People often confuse kurta and kurti as the same clothing item, whereas, both these are very different from each other. They have different styles and fashion aesthetics. However, due to the various changes in fashion trends in the recent times, these both get mistaken as the same thing.

The basic and most visible difference between the two is their lengths. Kurta is typically up to your knees or even to your mid-calf length. On the other hand, a kurti is shorter and usually up to your waist or mid-thigh

You can say that kurti has evolved from the traditional kurta and is a fusion of new and old trends.

Kurtis: The Essential for the Ethnic Wardrobe
India is a country of diverse culture and ultimate styles of Ethnic wear. There is a lot of variety but something that is loved by every single women is Kurti. Kurtis is considered as the traditional though easy to carry Indian attire as it is shorter in length. And the best part about this Indian attire is that it can be worn at parties to casual occasions. The breathable and beautiful kurtis are also found in various fabrics, work, embellishments, prints, fit and designs. They will help you to get a perfect look. Whenever you want to get the perfect kurti for yourself, you always think about the store where you can get it. So don’t worry and trust Mirraw. We have something for every lady.

Kurti and Its relation with Fabrics
While choosing the faultless kurti for yourself, considering the right fabric plays a very important part. It defines your comfort according to the season and occasion. And you are lucky that you have so many options in kurtis. Based on the fabric, the most preferred kurtis are:

Georgette Kurtis: Georgette Kurtis are flowy and is very easy to carry. It looks classy on every women.
Rayon Kurtis: Rayon Kurtis are permeable, breathable, flowy and versatile in nature. It feels perfect in every season.
Silk Kurtis: Silk Kurtis comes with a royal look that are perfect for Traditional parties.
Cotton Kurtis: Cotton Kurtis are the most preferred kurtis as suits well in Indian Climate.
The Chanderi Kurtis and Chiffon Kurtis are also loved by many women.

Which type of kurti is good to wear during traveling?
Women always prefer wearing Indian kurtis over any other while looking for comfort and relaxation. Why? The answer is simple; kurtis allow easy and relaxed movement and make women feel fresh and light.

This is the reason women also prefer wearing kurtis while travelling. Cotton kurtis are the best travel outfits for women, especially if they are loose fit.

If you want to travel light and relaxed, the best choice is a pure cotton kurti which is loose and allows easy breathing. If your kurti has a long, v or oval neckline, it will prove to be more comfortable.

Make sure your kurti not too light in colour or it might get dirty while travelling.

What combination goes with kurtis which looks good?
Go Monochrome:- Monochromatic style means wearing clothes of same colour shades, that is, your top and bottom clothing fall under the same colour family. This fashion is in trend and if you know how to pull it off, you can make even the simplest of kurtis look fashionable.
Pair your kurti with the same coloured flayerd pants and make heads turn at any party or event.
Kurtis with palazzos:- This fashion clothing goes best with kurtis of all shapes and sizes. Even a simple white palazzo can style up your whole outfit. They are not just trendy and fashionable but also very comfortable. Wear medium flayer palazzo with a long kurti. It will make you look tall and sophisticated.
Long Skirts:- You can never go wrong with a medium flayer long skirt. Long skirts are elegant and beautiful and go best with short as well as long kurtis. If you are wearing a white kurti, you can pair it with any colour long skirt even a multi-coloured one. If you are wearing a colourful kurti, wear a long skirt which complements its colour.
Straight Pants:- Wearing kurtis with slim pants is the new it thing in Indian traditional fashion. Pants not only revamp the traditional look of the kurti but also are very comfortable and trendy.
What length of kurtis is preferable for tall and short women?
Kurtis for women come in all sizes and lengths, however, you need to pay much attention to what will suit you the best.

It is always best to select the kurti which will not look awkward on you but complement and enhance your features more. To do so, you need to know which length of kurti will suit your height.

Tall women can pull off any look perfectly. If you are tall, wear your kurtis with palazzos or Patiala salwars as they look gorgeous and also do not make you look extra tall. You can also wear skirts as they are perfect for tall people. The only thing you need to avoid is leggings as they make you look awkwardly taller than you really are.

For women who are short, you can wear leggings and slim pants and give yourself an extra tall look.

Slit kurtis are best fit for short heighted women as they make you look taller. Pair these slit kurtis with plazzos or skirts and walk around with confidence.

Which type of bra is more comfortable to wear with kurtis?
There are many different bras that you can wear to achieve different purposes.

If you have a small cup size then you can wear padded bras under kurtis.
If your bra line is visible from outside, get rid of this problem and wear T-shirt bras under kurtis to make the bra line disappear.
For kurtis which have a wide neck, you can wear strapless bra to avoid showing your bra straps.
Which footwear should I wear with a Kurtis?
Footwear are the most important fashion accessories that can either make or break your entire look. There are many different footwear which can be worn with kurtis

Traditional jutti is the best footwear choice when you are wearing a heavy embroidery kurti for a wedding or party. These juttis are specifically made to be paired with kurtis and other traditional attiers. They look particularly good when you are wearing a Patiala salwar with your kurti.
High Heels are not just meant for short dresses and western fashion clothing; they can also be worn with traditional kurtis. Wearing high heels with your kurti can give you a graceful look and your height also elevates.
If you are uncomfortable with heels or have a good height you can also wear flats. Flats make for a charming foot wear item and come in casual as well as party designs.
You can easily shop for designer kurtis online. If you like being comfortable, trendy as well as traditional, you can buy kurtis for both regular and party wear. You may find that kurti sale is the most beneficial time for you to shop for this charming piece of clothing. Indian kurtis never go out of fashion and suit Indian women perfectly.

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