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Creative Ideas to Elevate Your Home Decor

We all want a home that looks straight out of a home and decor magazine. But to achieve this, you need to have a theme in mind. The result of any home decor project that you wish to undertake must represent the tastes of the individuals inhabiting that space. Otherwise, it might look quite right and yet fail to feel welcoming or comfortable. Instead, aim at making trends your own by adding personal touches.

There are many elements of home decor which you must consider, such as lighting, texture, colour and so on. So when you wish to make a change, ensure that the pieces you select are in keeping with the existing room decor. If you are starting from scratch, then be thorough in your research because it will be worth the extra effort. To get started we will tell you of some of the current types of home decor so keep reading.

Popular Home Decor Styles

While there are many home decor ideas out there, these are presently most loved by designers.


If you would like your home to reflect your carefree spirit, then this style is perfect for you. It allows for a lot of creative freedom to bring in vibrant colours, patterns and textures for an overall cosy vibe. Decoration features could include fairy lights hung from the headboard, indoor plants, crystals and wooden wall shelves to tie up the earthy theme nicely.


Such home decor is also referred to as a coastal or cottage decor. The colour palette consists of shades of white as well as sand, with blue being the primary accent colour. Unfinished wood in tables, shells, glass bottles and jute rope lamps can be used to bring this style to life. Mix it up with few personal memorabilia from trips to the beach, to customise the feel.


This kind of home decor is apt for those who are inspired by the urban, cosmopolitan environment. It is modern, chic and edgy with distinct design elements of different styles coming together harmoniously. In a bedroom design, for instance, an oversized bed, different sized pillows and floor-length mirrors with a geometric pattern rug would complement the space.

Find Home Decor Products on Myntra

Below are just some of the home decor products you will find on our website. Check them out.

Photo Frames

Create a wall or corner of memories to include the good times in your home decor style. Depending on the space you have, there are photo frames of varying sizes. You can pick out a set of six, nine, eleven or more, in many shades, to suit your wall. Individual pieces with a vintage look are also available.

Wall Stickers

Using wall stickers is an easy and fun way to bring your walls to life. You can find options for the kids playroom that feature musical notes, animals and cartoons. There are also others which will fit in with the home decor of the living room such as floral motifs, inspirational quotes, scenery and the likes.


Adding these pieces around the house gives it your own signature. Some can be wall-mounted while others are meant for tables or shelves. Radha Krishna, Lord Ganesh and Buddha statues are available. There are also showpieces of owls and swans, diyas, couples, book holders and many others to choose from.

Shop for Your Home Online

If you are planning to revamp the interiors of your home, then there are plenty of products you can purchase on Myntra. Including everything that you read about above you will also find artificial flowers, wall art, candle holders, clocks and the list goes on. So head over to our website for amazing prices, free shipping and cash on delivery options. Download the Myntra app to start shopping pronto.

How can I make my house look nice inside?

Home decor pieces can be used to uplift the ambience of a house. There are many elements in home decor one ought to consider including the lighting, colour, size and alignment. You can start by looking for home decor items that match the current home furnishings including the curtains, sofas, bedding etc. However, if you are planning to start from scratch, it is most important to have a decor style in mind. Some of the most common decor styles include:

    Bohemian: This concept allows room for heavy creativity, from hanging planters to large-sized crochet dream catchers and jute look cushion covers with the addition of tassels. Do not forget to add fairy lights to the mix.
    Vintage: A style based on antique furnishings such as wooden furniture with carvings, layered curtains, or authentic pieces from several decades ago constitute the vintage style.
    Modern: The urban aesthetic, including minimalism combined with chic and edgy designs, make a home look modern.

What are home decor items?

Home decor items are pieces designed with the purpose of decorating the interiors of a house. Home decor items can be easily found on several online websites, one being Myntra. They can be classified into various categories, including:

    Plants, planters and vases
    Aromas and Candles
    Wall art - paintings, wall hangings etc.
    Wall Shelves