Bandhani Sarees

The vibrant, lively and colorful Bandhani sarees are an integral part of the Indian textiles’ heritage. These Bandhej sarees are available in tonnes of designs, bright colors and a variety of fabrics – which makes them perfect for any woman’s wardrobe. is an authority in this wonderful saree type. The best Bandhani work is done in the Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan.’s affinity to Gujarat and Gujarati culture ensures that the Bandhani Sarees available here are 100% authentic, extremely fine and stunningly beautiful.

Theindianfab It is known that the finest Bandhani is tied in the Kutch region of Gujarat and in many desert towns of Rajasthan. has close ties with textile merchants, workers, designer and weavers in these areas. It sources its Bandhani sarees and Bandhani designs directly from the traditional Bandhani workers, who have been engaged in this trade and art, since ages and generations. No wonder, the Bandhani sarees you buy online from are a class apart.